Grey Holes

A loosely tied together collection of short pieces written during a time in my life when i was ummm going through some stuff. Memories, reflections and fantasies written during a period of mild crisis brought on by turning 30 and doing too much blackmarket ADHD medication all the time. The general amphetamine comedown dystopian vibe is consistent though.

Waking Up From The Living Dream

A rumination on a young comedian's confrontation with the reality of showbusiness in all it's pointless idiocy. Short short stories and long short stories that detail the unfunny realities of being a comedian.





Professional Bio

Born into a renowned Himalayan Circus family who illegally immigrated to Australia in the 1970's, Nick burst onto the scene in 2004 after winning both JJJ 'RAW Comedy' and UK's highly esteemed New Act competition, 'So You Think You're Funny' in 2004, a feat that has not been repeated by anyone else since. In 2006 he followed this up with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Director's Festival choice award for his show, 'Blood on the yolk's in the Key of Owls.'

Nick has since travelled the world continuously, honing his craft and developing his idiosyncratic style, extensively touring America, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and of course Australia, making him a truly international comedian.

A favourite amongst top comedians- his 2010 Edinburgh Fringe show 'Dreamfist' was personally recommended by Daniel Kitson- he's been tipped for greatness by his peers, personally selected as tour support for such comedy greats as Marc Maron, Doug Stanhope and Chris Rock. Nick's comedic style has been described as honest, intelligent and unique. His semi-improvisational style combines confessional anecdotes and satirical social commentary. With his unique, charismatic stage presence, Nick is a truly original, cliche-free comedian like no other working in the industry today.

'Smart material with an ugly self-destruction at it's heart that makes it necessary to be there ‘live’… If you see Nick Sun and you didn't enjoy it, it's because you sucked as an audience.' - Doug Stanhope
'A bittersweet mix of enjoyment, uncontrollable laughter, awkwardness, and bewilderment. Completely unlike anything else around.' - Chortle
'His multilayered material is inspired in its warped convention rattling logic.' - Chortle 
'The real deal... Touched with a certain unorthodox kind of genius... Rewarding and always idiosyncratic.' - Guardian

Honest Bio

I started standup in 2004 and won a bunch of hella fancy awards and everyone expected me to be a big star and tried to force me into the ‘token asian’ role. Instead i crumbled under the weight of unreasonable expectations and went off the deep end, did a lot of acid and took too many risks onstage, fucking up my reputation within the business within the space of a few years. I fled to England 2010-2013 where I found some success, but realized that I didn’t love comedy as much as I hated living in England so I returned to Australia and burned out somewhere around 2014. Lost and confused, I did Ayahuasca and she told me to quit comedy and to find my roots and do a bunch of aid work in developing countries and i was like, 'sure thing ancient Amazonian plant spirit'. Then I saw Gaia and she said to me, ‘Help me.’ ‘Okay.’ I said, not sure what that might entail.

I had the time of my life travelling and helping others in need. It gave me some much needed perspective and it was awesome to get away from the sordid narcissistic prostitution racket of showbiz. I actually didn’t want to start doing comedy again to be honest, i was going to move to the rainforest and start farming medicinal plants, but then i did some more Ayahuasca and Huachuma and they said, 'No, no, no, no running away- you have been elected to be a spokesperson for Gaia and you gotta get back into comedy and start training as a shaman.' And I was like ‘Am I going motherfucking crazy or is this whole damn world insane?’

Anyways, that’s where I’m up to now in this crazy adventure called life.