My highly esteemed audience! I will be dedicating the next block of my life to creating comedic content in a range of mediums (articles, podcasts, youtube videos) that cover such subjects as the healing path, spirituality, environmentalism and what it means to be a human trying to find meaning in this crazy world at this weird ass point in history. To do this in a capitalist society, I need money for food and shelter so as to not die. Please support my continued existence and you will be richly rewarded in a variety of ways: view my Patreon.

Services Offered

  1. Sound Healing – Using drumming, bells and Tibetan polyphonic chanting of specific mantras, I am able to clear your energetic body and chakras of stagnant or blocked energy. $100 per session.
  2. Limpia – Cleansing and purification ritual from the Latin American traditions. For clearing more stubborn stuck energies in the energetic and physical body, also good for grounding and energetic realignment. $100 per session.
  3. Qi Gong Lessons - As a committed Qi Gong practitioner of the Yang Mian Calligraphy school, I offer one-on-one and small group lessons, both in person and via skype. Price varies depending on length and number of sessions.
  4. Spiritual Crisis and Integration Counselling – Going through a dark night of the soul? Feel like you are losing your mind? Have you had an earth shattering experience that has made you question the very foundations of your sanity? Don't hesitate to drop me a line and we can organise a session via Skype. With several decades worth of dark nights of the soul and spiritual experiences that modern psychiatry would deem as psychosis, I feel qualified enough to be able to offer counsel for someone who is going through a difficult awakening during this current shift in mass consciousness.
  5. Agony Aunt – Got a problem? I may have a solution, though I might just have unconstructive comedic advice. In any case, it's free as long as I am able to publish this anonymously on social as part of an ongoing media thing.

Email for more details for any of these services.





I started doing standup comedy in 2004 and won a bunch of hella fancy awards early on. Everyone expected me to be a big star and tried to force me into the ‘token asian’ role. Instead i crumbled under the weight of unreasonable expectations and went off the deep end and took too many risks onstage, fucking up my reputation within the business within the space of a few years. I also became quite seriously depressed. I fled to England 2010-2013 where I found some success, but realized that I didn’t love comedy as much as I hated living in England so I returned to Australia somewhere around 2014.

Lost and confused, I decided to quit comedy, go find my roots and quit being selfish fuck and go do a bunch of aid work in developing countries.
Then I saw Gaia.
‘Help me.’ She said.
‘Okay.’ I replied, not sure what that might entail.

During 2015-2016, I dedicated myself to helping out with the Nepal Earthquake relief effort and the Mother Teresa Home for the destitute and dying. Yep, helping people rebuild houses after losing everything and helping homeless people die made me realise that maybe my life wasn't that bad and maybe I should stop complaining so much and get on with it. It also made me realise that helping other people gave a lot of meaning to my life, more so than the sordid, narcissistic prostitution racket of showbiz.

When I returned to Australia I got involved in the environmental movement but was at a loss as to how to make a change in this mess of a world. All the problems in the world just seemed so huge, and I was but one man yelling into the void while the corrupt pigs and demons ran amok in the world. What could I do as one human being to help shift the mass consciousness that was needed in order to stave off the approaching ecological crisis that would kill us all?

Between 2017-2019 I traversed the length and breadth of the continent several times over.

By 2019 I was verging on batshit crazy and I decided it was time to remember that I live in the physical world not in hyperspace. I realised that I could reach more people through creating funny media about spirituality, the healing path, the Grand Awakening and all of that hippy shit.

So yeah that's what i'm doing now.




Grey Holes

A loosely tied together collection of short pieces written during a time in my life when i was ummm going through some stuff. Memories, reflections and fantasies written during a period of mild crisis brought on by turning 30 and ADHD medication. The general comedown dystopian vibe is consistent though.

Waking Up From The Living Dream

A rumination on a young comedian's confrontation with the reality of showbusiness in all it's pointless idiocy. Short short stories and long short stories that detail the unfunny realities of being a comedian.